how can I deactivate?

Yiu Yun Wa 9 years ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro updated by Dmitry - support (expert) 9 years ago 5
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How can I deactivate the licence of HDL demo kit?

Anyone can help me?

I active my PC, so I want to change to active my tablet.


Sorry, we lost your request :(

You cannot deactivate a commercial license just to use it on another device. License agreement forbid it.

You have to pay for the new Device license to control your HDL system with another panel.

If you want to test iRidium on this PC like an integrator, you will be able to get more trial licenses after training and certification in iRidium Academy.

If we change the phone or tablet, then we need to buy a new license. Right?

Yes. In your case you need to buy a new license.