Custom TCP Driver - Timeout

Nikolay Arbuzov 9 years ago in iRidium Script / AV and Driver scripts updated by Johan Vinke 8 years ago 3
Is there way to reduce timeout value for the Custom TCP driver ?

In case equipement is off it takes too long for the connection to timeout.

I belive this was my mistake. Was using hostname instead of IP. While hostname was incorrect. Therefor it was taking long time to resolve it.
All the driver properties: connection attempts, connection time-out, will be available in driver settings later. Now it is not possible to control such properties at all

This is the closest to an answer I could find, so that's why I'm posting here. (Please tell me if this is the wrong place.)

I'm requesting a page via HTTPS, but most of the times I get the following message in log: "ERROR CCustomHTTPDevice(4): Time of waiting for data is over!"

Though, once in a while I do get the requested page properly, and no error message.

I have the feeling that the response time is about as long as the time-out and therefor I do not always get the desired page. Is that possible? The time-out is 5 seconds? And is it already possible to control this property?