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Fonts used in a graphical item affect Feedback from a KNX IP ROUTER

rocfusion 9 years ago in Products / KNX updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 5

Tested with a logic machine 3.
Create a project.
Add a KNX driver
Import a knx ets project with modules that provide feedback to temperature datatypes ( float 16bit, Temp C)
Create buttons
Select the font "Segoe UI Italic" in the first state.
Delete the second state of the button.
add, $F1 °C to the text property of the first state
Add a relation between the value of the graphical item and a temperature 2byte floating point temp C group address.
Repeat this process for different group addresses.
Add lights and shades in the project.
Now test.
There will be 1 in 5 times one of the temperatures reported back with ⃣ box character.

In the project that I have seen this, I changed the font to "Segoe UI", and all the temperature readings work every time.



Under review
Hi Roger

So the font "Segoe UI Italic" doesn't support some symbol he got from the bus.
Can you pls show the screen-shot of ETS monitor when u see the box symol in GUI?

HI Ekaterna,

That's just it, it seems as though this is happening when project is initialized. The box symbol is appearing before that value is received from bus. Normally you see 0.0, instead there is an box. The values coming from the bus are correct in ETS group monitor. If I read the temperature group address whilst the box symbol is showing it will not update. Have to restart the app for it to work.



Roger, I cannot repeat it with our bus.
Is the problem occurs if you remove the relation from this item at all? Maybe it's a bed answer to initialization request (iridium makes init of all the feedbacks by the start)
If I create an new item it still occurs. I think its project specific, since I created an new project, copied the popups from the failing project and imported the KNX driver from the failing project. It worked fine. I think the failing projects were originally created with 2.1.2 of the gui editor, so maybe something went wrong there.