No possibility to generate .pirpz-files in Transfer for updating projects via QR-codes etc

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 9 years ago in Transfer updated 8 years ago 4


With a QR-code or URL (sent by mail) end-users can updated their iRidium project on iOS or Android.

But: when you scan the QR-code (given by the installer or system-integrator) with a normal QR-app (in iOS or Android); the enduser can open the .irpz file and change everything in the project what he want. This is a problem, but not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is when the end-user gives the project to a friend or OTHER installer, this installer can open the project file and use every script, image, and .irp-project...

in this case we need the possibility to generate in transfer a PROTECTED (.PIRPZ) file, including the necessary license for the project.




I have done some research / tests.

I found out that i2 Control v2.2 is able to recognize and install a .pirpz file when downloaded via the QR-scanner. All the images are visible and all pages show up correctly. The only problem is that it doesn't see the license file. Once loaded, the (well known) message shows up in red that there is no license installed.

When I remove the license file (license.irl) from the .pirpz and add the license file from the not protected .irpz file, it works, or at least the message doesn't show up.

The only possible vulnerability (just like Theo describes) is that the license files isn't encrypted like the other files in the .pirpz file.

I guess this isn't as much as a problem, because the license is only connected to (in most situations) the specific IP Baos. The end-user who has access to this .pirpz will only be able to load a different iridium project with this license file.

For completion, it would be great to have a fully encrypted .irpz file, that everyone who has access to it, to load it on their devices, but not be able to access or reuse it's internal files.

Please let us know if this integration is possible :)




Well, development is started Wouter; so it will be fixed right now ;-)

You are asking, we are adding ;-)