Dry HDL Status in BackGround

Paolo Scarpetta 9 years ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 4

I want to make a simple warning system of technical alarms. For this I use a dry contact module of HDL.

The system works correctly, when I'm inside it, but when I´m running in the background is not working. What can be wrong?

Attach the project to be better understood.

Note: To make the system work I had to use the "Security Dry Contact Read Status" option and also had to make ask the state of this variable at some time period, otherwise not give me the information about the state of the dry contact.

Alarm Dry.irpz

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The time of working in background mode related with the iOS version. The app works up to 3-10 minutes after minimizing, and then the app stops.

We plan to implement Push notifications in the next year, but for the moment iRidium is a real time application. iOS always stops the apps and turns of WiFi when locked.

Hello Dmitry

I solve the problem, now works verry good, I have just one more problem, when the alarm is trigger on sent my a lot of notification still the alarm turns off again, How can I do to the system send me just one notification at time?

Attach the project


iRidium asks for Securty status only once, when you start the app:

all the other notifications generated by HDL without our requests, and we cannot control them