Problem with IP Cam

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Hey every one

I have a problem when i try to connect my ip camera to iridium.

I use following URL i browser and i get image when pressing Test in Browser


Its image in browser:

Image 10418

And its setup:

Image 10419

When i transfer to Ipad i only get the blue image / button ..

Under review


Which IP camera do you use?

could you try to use a simple alphanumeric password if you haven't already? I have had problems with using special characters in the past.

Hey again.

Its a no name cam but found on a ispy s list with following parameters

Create in the camera settings of the user, which will have the name and password.

Then use your link on the thread using the name and password of the user you created.

Also make the following camera settings:

1) Demuxer = <Default>

2) Refresh = 1000

3) Delete "Param"

Dmitry, thanks a lot.. what a stupid error.. i forgot to remove [ ]... it works .