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Thales Cavalcanti 7 years ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 7 years ago 7

Hi there, I am using Scene Control to make a ALL OFF and I saw that the feedback using this command is very late to show on screen. The lights turned off but the screen information on my ipad/iphone did not show the status. Many times I need to close and open again the project to have the real information.

When I use a command to each channel the feedback is online, but I have many modules so I am afraid to lost command using many command lines.

What can I do to fix this?


When you use "Scene Control" command HDL equipment DOESN"T inform you about changes in lighting devices. It means you have to send the request of the new status of equipment after the scene command.

For example ON PRESS:
"Start Scene 1"
Delay (1000)
"Status On Start" - Relay 1
"Status On Start" - Relay 2
"Status On Start" - Relay 3

Then you'll receive the feedback as on project start

Hi Ekaterina,

Let me know if I am using the right command

Scene Control = Start Scen 1

Scene Read Status = Status On Start

If is right it did not do what I need, because it only read the Status when I start the program, I need it online, as I have when I use a channel command.

Is there a way to do this, oe a need to make a command with all channel to have this information?


1. Call "Scene 1"

2. Delay (1000ms)

3. Request the stratus of all Channels with command "Status onStart"

The connand "Status onStart" works on start automatically, but you can call it from button to request the status of call hannels at ANY moment.

I do not have in my Iridium Read Status of Channel is it the same as Single Channel Read Target?


But in this case I need to send a command to each channel, is it correct?

The command "Single Channel Read Target" do the same, you can use it.

If you set the channel as "Channel: 0" it will send the request to all the channels, don't need to request the each one

OK, it is working well. But now every time I open the Iridium all light turned off. How can I stop it?


It may mean that you added "timer" to your Scene command. Timers is only for requests, not for commands.
Send your project to support@iridiummobile.ru if you cannot find a reason