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Iridium Editor having problem with the HDL bus pro 8 in 1 sensor module latest

Punith 8 years ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 8 years ago 11
In iridium Editor I have configured TV for Universal switch ,, Some of Rooms Switch not working with the 8 in 1 sensor ,,When i try it manually with the sensor ,it works fine ,, when i am trying to work with the iridum Ipad, It does not work here all 8 in 1 sensor configured IR signals are same,, Here i came to know two models sensor are used for the TV configuaration in that one 8 in 1 sensor model(HDL.MS08M.2C) and second 8 in 1 sensor model (HDL.MS08Mn.2C) ,, Those models have Same IR signal Functions ,, here (HDL.MS08M.2C) model is working fine with the iridium ipad applicatio,,,, (HDL.MS08M.2C) model doesnt work with the iridium IPAD,, BUt Its working by manually as i checked in transmit signal,, It works,, when I try to check it on the iridum application ,, it doesnot work,, ,,
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Hello Punit

We'll send a request to HDL about specifics of this modules and let u know.
Please tell me the firmware versions of this modules.
Here with I have attached the module of both and their firm ware versions ,,
After I changed firmware version even i am facing the same issuse,,

After Upgraded the firmware versions also , It does not work
What is the problem ,Both sensor are having same IR Signals ...
We are waiting for response from HDL. We are sending the same commands to any devices, so the difference could be in hardware only