Saving Scenes

PaulKNX 9 years ago in Products / KNX updated 9 years ago 5

I am trying to implement a project with scenes that are controlled and saved by push buttons and via Iridium. It seems that on some actuators the scenes are saved via the same GA from which they are called, however I cannot find the value/command to send to the actuator in order for it to save the scene.

I do not want to Iridium to control the scene (i.e. send the values to each lamp individually) as doing it this way will add redundancy to the system, if Iridium is down.

If anyone can point me to this information, or just tell me directly, that would be great.

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Hello, Paul.

Which driver do you use?
In KNX value for calling and save scene differes for 128.
For example if you call the scene with value 2 (scene number 3 in switches) then to save the scene you need to send value 130.
In iRidium I'm doing this way: onpress even - sending number of scene, onhold event - sending (number of scene + 128).

For Nikita: GA means Group Adress - it seems that it is KNX :)

Hi Евгений

KNX Type: Scene control
Value: 0...63 - call scene from 0 to 63
Value: 128...191 - learn scene from 0 to 63. 128 = Learn Scene 0

It should work prooerly, but we don't have an equipment to check. If the calling of scene works, so the group address type is ok, and the problem with lerning related with some other reason

Lovely, thank you to everyone for your help!