Problem to control HDL by Internet

Paolo Scarpetta 9 years ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro updated by Ekaterina (head of support) 9 years ago 5
I have a client where I can not control the instalation outside the house (out the wifi range). Is rare because is the first time it happend to me. I configurate the forward in the router (port 10001 to 10005 to the IP of my HDL device) and doble check the public IP of the house. I can even see the setup from my office with HDL tool sw.
PS. Is not my first instalation when I configurate this and a never have this problem, but is the first time the conection is via optic fiber can be there the problem?

You are forwarding port 10005 so I can suggest that you are using iRIdium Gate to access HDL remotely. But now iridium supports the direct connection to HDL IP INterface in 2 modes: "Internet Connection" and "Remote Server". We advice to use the "Internet Connection" mode if you have a static IP or DDNS.
Please read about this modes here:

It is possible that the Internet provider locks some TCP ports for the client, but u can check it: just make a different port for External communication (6000, 9000, ...)


I have HDL clients who want to control with the internet ... but ddns I used might not work ...

try to check my ddns

iridiumcontrol.no-ip.org with port 6000

I am confused what to use? in a way that has been given


I have done to solve this problem but could not .... what you can send videos the way in mobile internet settings in iridium?

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Feri Setiawan

Hello Feri

Sorry for delay

Please send me the settings and firmware of your HDL module as a screenshots in private message, I'll try to connect to your ddns

Hello Ekaterina

This my Group ip.png but i can't connect to iridium mobile...

I checked with your settings throw Remote Server. Sometimes it takes up to 20 seconds on Server side (it doesn't answer sometimes), but connection established.

With Internet Mode I see Online without delay. Is it looks different for you with iLife app?