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Transfer app and multidesign

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It would save a lot of time if we could use the transfer app to upload multiple projects with one click per control panel.  For example,  I have just implemented an multidesign project,  this comprises for 4 projects,  there are 11 pads, 4 iphones and 2 mac clients. That means that I have to upload 68 individual projects to ensure the entire house is updated (17 clients *4 projects). 


Hello Roger!

Thank you for your idea. It is available for voting for now. The more votes it gets the sooner it will be implemented.
I would like to add that it would also be helpful if the project could be reloaded automatically when updating a device.

I do a lot of debugging on an iPad by using syslog. this does mean i have to use iRidium Transfer every time i want to test the latest version. So it would save a lot of time for me if the project is reloaded automatically when updating a device.
This might not be good for extremely large projects, so would it be possible to include this as an option in the settings?

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You can make script with daisy chain uploading through URL. As long as not all projects is downloaded, check array by name and download next one.

var downloader = IR.DownLoadProject(
path:parsed_url.path + '?' + parsed_url.query,
multiproject: 1,
name: "New Project"

Unfortunately I did just find a problem using this. When i load the project the demo license gets dropped from my iPad. The address for my modbus device also gets cleared. is it possible to fix this in some way?
The license is not on the iPad, and packed inside the project file. Therefore, you must first pack license inside the project, and then downloaded via URL. at the moment is not very easy to do.
Could you explain how to do this? I would think replacing the Licence.irl file in the project.irpz file should be enough but this doesn't seem to work.
Later I will have a decision to do this quickly and easily. I'm talking about the package license and download the project at http server. I'll let you know when it's ready.

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