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KNX initial feedback request

P Etzler 8 years ago in Products / KNX updated 8 years ago 4


I was testing the App in KNX Environment (KNX UDP driver). Therefore, i was adding all necessary feedbacks from KNX, including lot of 2byte floating point values. After initialization of the app, i missed lots of them (and also others like 1bit). After investigation, it turned out that the app or the gateway does not send the requests on bus. After initial requests, i can update those values with a read request in knx, those will be updated in the app too.

Looks like that the app or gateway is running into some timeout/ or buffer overflow (if im just requesting a few feedbacks, everything works well)

MDT Gateway SCN.IP000.01 / Weinzierl BAOS 771

Ipad Air 2 / iridium v2.2

latest GUI Editor

Any suggestions?



Not a bug

Hello Philipp

Sorry for delay with answer
Please try to set the Send Time: 10 in the Driver settings, it could help. The problem related with the big number of addresses. If you use BAOS as a regular KNX IP Interface, you can set up the datapoints and use them - it will solve the problem for 100%

Hi Ekaterina,

no probs, i solved it anyways with baos.

i was just wondering if i might run into those troubles everytime when using KNX/UDP drivers.

This problem may occurs with any KNX IP Interface if you request the data from more then 100-200 channels (the number is not constant). It is related with interface throughput and some specifics of data processing in KNX bus. So it happens with different KNX interfaces but not always.

There is some ways to solve this problem:

  • use the BAOS datapoints
  • use the iRidium Gate app
  • [soon] use iRidium Server


160 feedbacks to request, happened on both Gateways when using UDP Driver.

Good to know about, upcoming projects will get one of your recommended solutions anyways.

br, Philipp