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Yeliz Tarhan 9 years ago in Transfer updated 9 years ago 6

1 Samsung Tab4 tablet.

I download the program(i2) on tablet. I can not install the project.It is truncated .
You will see in the pictures .
Note: I reset the tablet.I installed the program again.the same error.
Image 8736

Image 8737

Image 8738

Image 8739

Image 8740


Please update the Android version to 5.0.2 and check that the WiFi connection is stable:
restart your WiFi router, check the connection quality using special utils like "Fing".
Already, Android 5.0.2 okey. Wifi connection very high.

It is not still.
Ok, please check the free memory on the tablet it should be more then 100Mb free.
Please show me the log from Transfer.
Try to install the previous version of i2 Control V2.2 on your device and upload the project. If it will not help, we have to connect to your PC via TeamViewer to check everything.
okey, thanks. Not problem now.

good days.