Problem when send command to GC IP2SL connect with Coolmaster 1000D

Vuong Xuan Phuc 9 years ago in Products / Other drivers updated 9 years ago 5
I try to send command to IP2SL but it can't work. I send command from Itest it's ok. I don't know what wrong with iRidium. The data send to IP2SL I type 'simul 2',13 . The Coolmaster 1000D do'nt show anything. But when I use Itest of Global Cache I send Simul 2 with 'CR' It show 2 device connect. Someone can help me? My email is vuongxuanphuc@gmail.com . My english is not good. So I need someone guide me so detail. Thank so much.
In Coolmaster.net driver I added AV & Custom driver, made channel 'simul 3',0x0D dragged it as send text to button. it worked. You can try, just change IP and port to yours CoolMasterNet_for+iRidium.irpz
It not work with my device. I have Coolmaster 1000D with Global Cache IP2SL. Command send to IP2SL then IP2SL send command though RS232 to CoolMaster 1000D
You have to use this Coolmaster Module to control your 1000D, did you try it? Please see the instruction.
I think it is possible that you have a problem with Licensing. Please check that you have a Pro license for PC (Trial license or AV & Custom Systems Pro) added in Tools > Options > License Path [...]. Demo mode mast be turned OFF.
See the red text in the top of Emulator Window: what text do you see there?
thank Ekaterina I have done it. The license have problem. thank you!