how to read status emitter with iridium mobile?

feri setiawan 9 лет назад в Продукты / HDL-BUS Pro обновлен Ekaterina (head of support) 9 лет назад 4
I am using HDL Emitter with Current Sensor and i want...I want to take on the status of IR emitters to determine the current status. what in mobile iridium can display the current status?

please Help me
Hello Feri

We don'n have a specified datashit about HDL commands used by SB-IR-EM, but hope it will work with Sensor Input commands. Please take a look at the attached project: change a Subnet/DeviceID to the HDL Emitter address and try to turn it on and off.

Hello ekaterina

I have datashit about SB-IR-EM (Emitter) may be a reference for you to renew the Iridium program ...
Thank you Feri! I saw this document, it's a data-sheet for integrator, but not for developer) We are waiting for response from HDL team to update the examples.

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