Philips Dynalite IP integration

Ofer Peleg Home Control 10 years ago in Products / Other drivers updated by office_iridiummobile ru (manager) 2 years ago 5
Has anyone tried to control Philips Dynalite trough IP gateway ?

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Nikolay Nikolay

Do you mean with your URL the well-documented, well-tested, including feedbacks, stable driver on the .net site?

Do you have any idea who wrote this 'driver'?

Sorry, but this 'driver' is not worth to be published on our iRidium .net-site. On the English site we expect high-qualified, well-documented driver, including feedbacks, all supported commands, etc.

And not a hobby-project that nobody can use like a 'real driver'....



How we can control Philips Dynalite with feedback on V3