Remote access for I2control app

Punith 9 years ago in Products / HDL-BUS Pro updated by iRidiumNikita 9 years ago 7
I was configured a iridium application for the remote access, before I2control was working fine through remote ly the ip address was appeared in the gate while open the application from other network ,, NOw it works only local, i dont know what i did wrong ,then here follow the application, It does not able to work through remotely
I have done port forwarded in the router and i am sure this was worked that i seen a different IP adress in the iridium gate when i was access through my mobile
Now i dont know why it does not work
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At what point does the app stopped working remotely? Did you do any changes in settings?
I did not change any setting only ip address updated in the macrod editor

Could you please send your project?
I have emailed the project

External ip was different, so I changed the present external ip address to the project in macros editor.
This connection mode (via the Gate) is not officialy supported by the current iRidium version. Please use the "Internet connection" or "Remote server" Mode to connect remotelly:


The port 10005 on (totifruti.dyndns.tv) closed for the moment so the problem is not on iridium side now, please check the forwarding settings, reboot the router and check the Gate app

Please try to connect with HDL Tool remotelly (Internet mode) and then start with iridium.