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Plex JS Driver

Ilya Markov (expert) 9 лет назад в Готовые скриптовые модули обновлен Ekaterina (head of support) 9 лет назад 13
Dear everybody,
We developed the js driver for Plex media server.

Test it please and write your feedback to us. We attached the database with the driver and the demo-project.

Requests for Drivers
Plex Home Theater - - not working. should i use another version?
This driver was created by Ilya Markov. You can ask him about it.
I have tried with that plex_v2.irpz module but it is not communicating with my plex HT latest version(plexHT ).Kindly advice.
Hello. it is the old version of module. plex company change its protocol. as soon as we can, we update this module
i think we update it in near future. As soon as we can
Hi, not yet.. we are looking for external developer who would be interested in it. Our programmers busy in main developing process so cannot start with Plex module right now.

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