control air conditioner with global cache and coolmaster 1000D

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when I try to control the AC unit with iTest software it works fine, but when you try to control using Iridium software, it does not work?.this is my project, use on/off air DAIKIN test coolmaster.irpz

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Use ready driver for Global cache. Read about it http://wiki2.iridiummobile.net/Global_Cache

Thank you Nikolay Rusanow !
I tried project of you, but LCD of coolmaster not display. I want to send command 'simul 2',13 through global cache .Can you detail guide help me !
I use to iHelp software display IP address of global cache. I setup Port= 4998.
I guess you should use 'simul 2',0x0D instead of 'simul 2',13
Try this project, just change IP's for drivers - CoolMaster1000D_with_simulate.irpz
thank you ! LCD of coolmaster not dislay when I used to project of you
IP my global cache: , port=4998. I don't know I must write to on script or setup connect with global?
my English is poor. I hope you can help me. I try control air Daikin by iridium software on myhome automation
do you have anything working? did you activate license for your panel and emulator?
I bought license of iridium for iPad.Can you create a project by team view on my computer ?My company is my home automation. we have many projects about control air conditioner ( DAIKIN VRV) use to iridium software. Can you guide steps about connect iridium software, global cache (IP 2SL) and coolmaster 1000D. Thank for your reading!
Can you leave your skype or find me (nikolay.rusanov).

I can try to help you after 2-3 hours from now
I can't add frendly in skype with you. can I converse with you in time of day? time zone of you ???
i live in VietNam ( time zone UTC +07:00)
can you leave your skype or email?
thank you very much!
my gmail: nvtruc.hust.1505@gmail.com
my skype: nvtruc.hust.1505@outlook.com
i send some picture on skype. Can you create a project ON/OFF air conditioner (DAIKIN VRV)?thank you!