Main and Sub-Server communication possible?

Martin Lang 7 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 7 years ago 1


for a touring project we need the ability to remotely control a some devices via a UDP command.

But theres no change to get them all together in a seperate LAN, so the idea came up to use one iRidium Server at the company office working as a "Command"-Server. And using additional iRidium Servers with each device that needs to get an UDP command, and that connected via the Internet.

Here's a schematic picture:

Image 18330

The number on the "Sub Servers" is not constant. So, the plan was to make 1 Sub-Server project that connects to the Main-Server. Is this a possible scenario? And, how to setup the Main iRidium Server to be connected by all of these Sub Servers?

The goal is that a iRidium Client that is connected to the Main iRidium Server (iPad) has a simple Interface and can trigger a Remote-Command to the Main-Server. Then the command should be sent out to all the Sub Servers, and they should send out that command via UDP to a connected MediaPlayer.