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New iRidium studio 2019

Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Anderson Carlos Costa 4 months ago 0

The new branch of iR studio 2019 is a completely different architecture and a new user experience. Interface changes will be gradual to simplify the transition from the previous version.

Setup new studio available: https://iridi.com/download/software/v3/

Discussion of the functionality, ideas and errors please send to technical support mail support@iridiummobile.ru with the note "iridium studio 2019".

In this thread, old posts will be cleared.

Now implemented functionality:


Nearest plans :
1) Import from ETS

2) GC Cloud

3) Velbus Driver

4) Z-Wave Driver

5) ZigBee driver

6) Bus77 Driver


HDL Enviro Panel module setup in i3 lite.

Dmitriy Shilyaev 3 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Adir Peleg 2 months ago 5

After adding the module to the project, fill in the setup, where we specify the IP, Port gate and SubnetID and DeviseID, which are assigned to the HDL Enviro Panel.

After filling up the setup module, in order to add the necessary devices associated with the HDL Enviro Panel, you must click the “plus” button:

In the menu that opens, you can select the devices you need:

When you select a device, a window is displayed in which you must specify the device number, which can be viewed in HDL Buspro (for example, AC):

In i3 lite, this parameter is entered in this field (for example, AC):

After these actions, the widget of the device you need will be added and you can manage it via i3 lite.

Under review

MQTT Import

Ferry 7 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 7 months ago 3

Is it possible to import MQTT tags into the server via an import? I have many tags that I want to import. This could be much faster via CSV import.


Under review

Read status of UV HDL

Roger Stenvoll 12 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Slava Zhuravlev (expert) 3 months ago 14


I am able to set UV command using the UV module in Iridium Lite.

Is it possible to read and display the status of a given UV?

Best regards,


Under review

How program token ring in iridium?

Tubi Alvarez 5 days ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 4 days ago 1

¿Alguien puede ayudarme a programar un anillo de token?


Incoming TCP message

Harm 2 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov 2 months ago 5


Has someone of you some experience with incoming TCP messages?
I have an TCP trigger in an Axis camera to the IP-address from the iRidium server. I have used port 8888 to send the message.

In the server I have added an TCP device with the IP-address from the Axis camera on port 20.

For testing I have added an script:

var driver = IR.GetDevice("Axis M1065-LW");
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_DATA, driver, function(text) {
var strings = text.split('\r\n');
var string;



When I trigger the alarm, I don't see any message incoming.

How can I see the message? What do I miss?


Keep log window open with on EXIT EVENT

Kenny Stoepel 2 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 2 months ago 3

I'm using some js code to run IR.EVENT_EXIT. all is working well except that debugging my code is very hard to debug because closing the emulator also closes to Logging window immediatly. 

Is there any workaround that the log window could stay open when closing the emulator?


Iridium server and sonos as doorbell

oggi katic 3 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated 3 months ago 4

hi there.. 

do somebody know how to make a function in server , that plays a file on a Sonos speaker if a modbus command goes on ?

Is it possible ?


JavaScript Editor

Mike Slattery 4 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 weeks ago 5

Finally a JavaScript editor that will check your code. The new Visual Studio 2019 will check for errors in you code and mark them red. It has always been a pain looking for vars not defined or defined multiple times and ";" and breaks not used. It will mark all the "==' and claim you should use "===". Just ignore these. 

Will be answered

Control the routines by script

Christophe MATHEY 4 months ago in Tips and Tricks updated 4 months ago 4

Hello Iridium,

I would be interesting to enable/dsable the sever's routines by script.

Get access to the property 'Enable' of routines would be interessting for our end customer..

This point will complet the property of schedule what you are rending access by script...