Without Internet

Paolo Scarpetta 7 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 5

I don´t have Internet in the building where I must use the IRIDIUM, Can I download and license the server and I3 pro client with any other way?


Yes, for sure. In our projects installers use a wired 4G router to download project + license to iRidium server and/clients.

After this, you can easily change IP-adresses from server and clients.


Thanks Theo,

 I already tried that, but in some places in my country (like this one) they do not have 4G signal and 3G only works sometimes so it makes me very difficult to load projects.


Hi, Paolo

You can download project and license in your office via wired internet and after that relocate to client site.


How can we license panels without using the 'cloud' feature.  We find this feature extremely inconvenient.  So much so that we're looking to crack software if we must in order to avoid it.   Please tell us there is a way to license locally as with older version!


Local licensing is not provided, only using the cloud. As for hacking software - only conscience and decency can be in this argument. Do not justify yourself by "cloud licensing" (((