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Is there anyone who made a succesfull connection with Beckhoff ADS driver in i3 pro? I tried everything, is seems that the connection is made, but the variable cannot be found. I made the ADS route in twincat. Made an variable in system manager for feedback. I tried to use an linked symbol I know there is data in, but nothing happens. The wiki is not for much use as the same for the driver instuctions.

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We know about several projects that use the Beckhoff ADS driver, but they are still in the works (not finished).
Describe what version of twincat do you use? Which controller?
Is the connection successful (online driver status)?


I tried but it does not work.

The controller is CX8000.

Twincat 2.

The online driver status changes continuously from 0 to 1 or vice versa

I try with example on http://dev.iridiummobile.net/Beckhoff/en

The modbus works perfect. 

I have a lot of experience with beckhoff twincat 2 and 3. But it doesn't works....


What did you do to solve the problem? I might have the same issue. I am working with TwinCat 3.

Specify, please, what is your version of iRidium? Close TwinCAT while running via iRidium. I also attach more detailed instructions on setting Beckhoff in iRidium, try to insist on it:

Readme Beckhoff_en.docx


(At first, sorry for my english :) )

My Project with IRidium Studio 1.2.5 is working fine.

I3 pro is running on an IPhone 6s.

Here is a little manual how i made it.

-> Manual


Can i send Cyclic Value's to my Beckhoff PLC?

I like to send the Battery.Level to the PLC.

If this works, how can i make this?

Thank you :)

Please describe in more detail what you want to realize?


my Project is running on an IPhone 6S with Beckhoff ADS.

Now i would like to send the System.Battery.Level from the System Token cyclic with a Command to my Beckhoff PLC.

(Without Press any Buttons...)

Is this possible?



Thank you. Works fine now :)


The communcations works

But I the commands doesn't works. I don't find the problem

Maby somebody can helps me?


Under review

Judging by the screenshots, you have an old version of iRidium Studio. Update to the current version 1.2.6. Have you configured the driver in iRidium by following the instructions from other posts on this topic?


It doesn’t will work with a update of Iridium to v1.2.6

Can somebody send me a working example of Iridium and Beckhoff files (iprz, tsm and pro) its works togetter?


In the attachments you find project of me.PLCTestIridiumAds.zip



do you have a Static Route from your CX1100 to your Paneldevice?

The ADS State changes without Static Route to 2, but can't find the ADS Port.

(Only find the ADS Host)

This can you see with the "Drivers.Beckhoff (Beta).Port" Token from the Driver:

-> If they count high, you don't have a working ADS Connection.

-> If they stand still, the ADS Connection should works.

If you don't have a Static Route from your CX1100 to your Paneldevice, look to my manual in a Post above.


You don't need to declare you Variables with "AT %I*  or  AT %Q* "

It is enough when you declare your Variables like this -> iMode :BYTE;

ADS can read/write every Variables from a Beckhoff PLC, you must only set the Point in front of the Variable :-)

Okay, it  works. The problem was the ADS connection.

Thx for your time.  

Hello Stijn,

It seems that you solved the ADS communication error between Irridium and Beckhoff.

I have the same problems that you had (the communication works - ADS.online=1 and ADS.STATUS=2). But I also don't get the commands to work.

How did you solve this?

Thanks in advance!!


Didi you made a point in front of the variable, like ".iADS" for iADS variable?


Yes , I did.

I also used the correct IP adres of the Beckhoff PLC in IridiumMobile.

like : .Q_output

When output 1 is high on the Beckhoff, in iridium it is  0 after I start the emulator in Iridium Mobile.



Does anyone have an example of an import CSV file for Beckhoff Driver for iridium pro 3

We do not have such a tool for importing CSV file for Beckhoff Driver

Is this possible in the future

Sure, but we do not have ETA for it.

I have been having a further issue,

I am able to establish a connection with the PLC. But reading values out of the PLC program does not work. Is the declaration wrong? Wrong port? This protocol is pretty new to me. I am working with TwinCAT 3. Thank you!


I tried to test continuously via the Pro3 emulator on my Windows PC. This did not work. However my twincat was disabled.
When I test the program on an Ipad and a good ads connection between PLC and Ipad. Does this work immediately.

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Dear Braet Stijn,

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What did you do to solve the problem? I might have the same issue. I am working with TwinCat 3.

Best Regards
iRidium Mobile Support Team

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is there a Limit how many Feedbacks are allowed/works?

In my Project only the half of Feedbacks working.

If i change the position in the Feddback list from one Value which not working with one who is working, now this Value works and the other one not.

Aäron Leman: if you read global variables, then you need to add global_variables. before your variable. Always type global variable list name + . before variable. You can also read/write variables inside prg. Just type your prg -name instead of global variable list -name.

Pozzera: There is no limit, but there is some fix coming for iridium. There was some issue when you got lots of feedbacks. I had problems when there was over 150 feedbacks, but got fix for my iridium server umc and now it works flawless with 500 feedbacks!


Thanks for your reply!

Do you have an example? Does this work with TwinCat 3?



This is what I have got at this moment.

For testing I have 1 output (.Q_uitgang1) in twincat Beckhoff PLC.

I linked it to PLC Var name.

ADS info

When I run the emulator on Iridium , I get this info:

Twincat configuration is as follows:

Which ADS port to use for the output 11 or 351?

The problem is that I don't get the output PLC to 1 in iridium (While output Q_Uitgang1 is high on the Beckhof PLC)

So the communication is not working as it should be.

Any help is welcome?



Hi everyone, 

I have the same issue Peter VG. So, someone could help us to fix that problem above 

many Thanks


Default PLC ADS port in twincat 2 is 801. In twincat 3 it's 851.

What field in the driver parameters do you mean? Take a screenshot from iRidium Studio.


I tried as you told above. But, it is not ok. I can not send or receive any data.

Please see attach for help me


This is information in Iridium

Below is program in Twincat 3:

Test connection Beckhoff

I send to you attachment for detail our project.
Please check it and help me fix them

I need for implement our project asap. So, please give me solution 
Thank you

Dear all,

I attach file again

Please check help me. 


The archive is corrupted. Repack it to zip.


Hi! You need to use MAIN.RELAISOUT in Iridium PLC Var Name. Only when using Global variables without {attribute 'qualified_only'} you can manage them without program-prefix.

Hi Tero, I tried. But it is still not work. You can check my attach for detail help me?


Hi Thao,

Did you get the communication to work with ADS?

I am going to try one more time!


we must to change solution for this project.
Next time, maybe we will come back with this software. 
Thank you for your support


i tried to send Projecttokens with JS to my Beckhoff PLC, but it doesn't work.

I have tried very many Variants.

Do some one know a Code thats works?

Thanks a lot! :)

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