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Dear Team


First of all , thank you very much for help on different  module and technology .

Here ,I'm writing for Zwave Fibaro  JS Module which is available on website .

I'm a system integrator of KNX and z-wave ,where I want to use iridium for its advanced capabilities and GUI.

I tried with readymade driver , its work very fine .

1:- In this module  , the the device id is programed in setup JavaScript and according the property of the device , the popup came  but how can I program it for a real home eg. let say a home with 4 bedroom and one living .

In living  I have installed 4 switching  actuator (id-12,13,14,15) ,1 Dimming(id -16) , 2 Curtain(id -18,19) ,1 RGB(id -20,21,22) and so on with master room ,Kids room , parents room,and guset room (4  S/W, 2Dim ,2 Curatin , 1RGB In each room) .

Now I want to give the client a proper GUI like iOS Style (Black edition) or iOS Style for Smart Home  or Slide (available for download On website ) with real-time feedback .How can I do that with zwave fibaro module .

Please help me to do this task ,if any example with fibro system with this type of control, you can provide its very useful for  me .

I want to give client a proper solution with Iridium with unlimited possibilities which is not possible with fibaro  application

Hope I make my self clear with the desire , feel free to ask if any question .

Eagerly waiting for positive reply


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Hello, i understand you task. I attach an example ZWAVE_FIBARO_PRO.rar

On any page you should create static list item, then, open js editor and when you will create devices, you should write the link to static list

So, you will has pages or popups for each room. on each page you should create static list and link it to device in js 


Dear IIya

Thank you very much for prompt reply . i understand what you are suggesting , and it's really very useful .

I have other idea , i am happy able to clear you about that .

I'm looking of kind of 3d visualization , in which we took the room photograph in Mode Of ALL-OFF and ALL-ON , the All off image goes to background of the page and from ALL-ON Pics I do the some photoshop to cut the light images and put it exactly where it is in all off image , and give that feedback of that light on visible and took a button make its opacity to 0 and give that command .

This kind of setting i want with fibaro module  

Hope you understand what i'm trying to do .  



I waiting for your precious reply 


Sorry for delay. Of course you can do it. You can change fibaro example as you need.

Dear IIya 

Its very OK.

Of course we can do it and it possible in every way , but problem is I tried but not succeed on that ..

Here I attached one project , Can please help me on that .Z-WAVE Fibaro-1.irpz

I have Created 1 Page named Page 3 , Put a Image in Background(Base Image)

There is one fibaro switching actuator  say id(185-186), put the On image (named as ID-185-Feedback & ID-186-Feedback) of light which is visible when feedback is ON .

Create Button(named as ID-185-command & ID-186-Command) make its opacity to 0 .

Now ,When I Press the Button Command should go (ON- OFF) , and according that it's visible the particular On Image . 

Hope , I make myself clear here .

Please help me on that , I also trying by myself if succeed i let you know 

Thanks in Advance

Eagerly waiting for your reply   


I waiting for your precious reply 


We change an example for you because it is immpossible to works with example without last changes, but we does not help with project customization. You can find all info about GUI customization on our wiki

Dear Ilya

Sorry if i get you wrong , But I'm not asking about project customization , I'm asking you how to use your z-wave module with a easy way where i can drag and drop the command as well the feedback .

If you get this , This is all about the use of your hard work , thats all

I'm asking you how i used thats it 

Please suggest me to do the needful

Hello Waiting for reply

Without your support how i can assure  a customer to have iridium platform , So Please help me on that

Atleast just give me some hint on my prospectus , I'll it it by self


Awaiting for reply


sorry, we had weekend. Example, that i send you, has GUI widgets for each zwave module. You should cotomize it as you want

Sorry , I don't understand what you talking about  can you please Explain with example 

Dear Dmitry 

I need help here

This is very unprofessional guys , this is not done 

I'm waiting for reply since last 2 week  and no one care to to say a word .

this is pathetic 

Hello, sorry for delay...

Above the colleague answered all your requests. What difficulties do you have with the project now?


Sorry for the delay. 

As i said earlier, modules on our site is a script driver and example how it can be used in project, but we does not customize this exaples for each user. If you want to use this example in your project, then you should integrate it in your project and change scripts as you want

Dear Aleksandar 

Did you read all above conversation , if yes than please dont say that the colleague answered all my  requests , if  its this so , why on the earth i'll say something  like that .

Dear llya 

I know understand the circumstances , but I don't customizes from  your that that my job and Ill do that for sure , I just want the way how to do that , that's exactly what i want from u guys

I'm doing project on iridium since last four years more that 100 site , so i'm doing this for my business as well as yours too .

If you dont support me , than sorry guys i cant do it alone  


ok, our users work in the following algorithm:

1) They download example of driver from our site

2) They integrate it and customize temselfes via script

If you don't know how you can customize project via scripts, then you can read our wiki http://dev.iridiummobile.net/%D0%97%D0%B0%D0%B3%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%BD%D0%B0%D1%8F_%D1%81%D1%82%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%86%D0%B0/en and watch our webinars



About your project. We create an example of script that you need Z-WAVE Fibaro-1 (1).irpz you should watch to the script "Fibaro"

Dear llya,

Sorry for delay replay

I have tested the the project , I'm getting error in Fibaro.js line no 9 : tried null as object 

Kindly look into that , please help me to understand .

its very kind of you to help me this far .

Thank you so much

Hello ,

Yeah maybe , can please help me to short it out .

actually the script is made Z-WAVE Fibaro-1 (1).irpz by help of one of the yours .

Can you help me ?

Please specify with what specifically you need help, getting a connection to Fibaro?

Hello Dmitriy ,

Actually we have done some changes in fibaro module which is available to download as such i can send the command to (Toggle) from a Custom GUI and get back the feedback of that particular .

For Example

I have Created 1 Page named Page 3 , Put a Image in Background(Base Image)

There is one fibaro switching actuator say id(185-186), put the On image (named as ID-185-Feedback & ID-186-Feedback) of light which is visible when feedback is ON .

Create Button(named as ID-185-command & ID-186-Command) make its opacity to 0 .

Now ,When I Press the Button Command should go (ON- OFF) , and according the feedback should appear

Fibaro this is the project we made changes in Fibaro.js .but I'm getting error  


Please help me on this



In order to know whether the equipment is on the network or not, the driver can use the Online token, using which you can find out if the equipment is on the network.

I would like to once again clarify whether you have the driver data specified correctly.

The error that you specified occurs when there is no access to the equipment, check your data and the status of the equipment through the token.

Hello ,

yes the data which is enter is correct , i cheked it once again .

I have one more question , how can do the above in command an feedback drag and drop kind of??


Fibaro is a script module, it means that you should configure all feedbacks via javascript.

Also fibaro is available as iridium lite module. And, as you know, you can use iridium lite modules in iridium pro panel projects

No, I dont know that .

Can help me on  how to do that 

I gave you the documentation about the project setup above.
To add light modules, you can read our wiki: