iRidium Server with Dual NICs

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I have a Windows 10 PC set up as an iRidium Server which has dual NICs:

NIC 1 (AV Network), (no internet access - manually set)

NIC 2 (Campus Network) 10.36.132.x, (internet access via DHCP)

On the PC itself I can see the web server via and 10.36.132.x:8888

From another PC on the Campus network I can see it via 10.36.132.x:8888

However, iRidium does not see the address I have setup for the AV network. Is there a way for it to be accessible from multiple IPs? I noticed when starting up, server lists all the IPv4 addresses available to the machine and it does show my address. 

I want to be able to have my AV network operate independent on one Ethernet interface, and use the second Ethernet interface to log in to the server from the normal campus network. Can this be done?


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Give the result:


You want to go to the address from the subnet - I correctly understood?


I want the server to be accessible from both (AV network) and 10.36.132.x (campus network). All my devices are on a separated network (192.168.x.x) but I still want to be able to mange the server from my office elsewhere in the building from the normal campus network (10.36.132.x)

Then you need to register routes in both directions. Give the result:

ipconfig /all

You have two interfaces and only one is enabled, with address There is no address from the subnet Did you shut down the interface?

The other one has no ethernet cable connected at the moment. I can reconnect it to a switch if it helps?

Now the operating system dos not know about the address, the result of ipconfig confirms it. To configure and verify the route, connect subnet and retry:

ipconfig /all

Hello, both interfaces are connected and up - redid ROUTE PRINT and ifconfig /all

route -p add mask metric 1 if 12

I tried this but it says "the requested operation requires elevation"

Clarification: iRridium server listens to the first interface, ignores the rest. Therefore, to access from different networks you need to configure the FORWARD on your router and on clients specify the route to through router

Thanks Vladimir. I used POwershell and was able to do the route -p. I am able to access iRidium Server from both 192.168.x.x and 10.36.x.x networks now (both locally on the machine and remotely). Just to confirm, all my AV device control panels are set to talk to 192.168.x.x interface. The 10.36.x.x interface is purely for management of the server, and is not use for controlling AV drivers.

I'm glad you made it. Is your question resolved? If you need anything else - please ask.

I believe so. Tomorrow I will test the server on the AV network and see if my control panel is talking to it. Really appreciate your help this evening!!!!!