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iRidium gate, Google Home and AMX

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Hi, I have the i3 lite server talking to AMX, Gate for Google Home and AMX in the project and the iridum linked to Google Home.

Google Home doesn't respond to anything, so please provide examples of what should work. 

I created a button for the AMX device of the gate project called "Cycle Main Scene". How should I get Google Home to invoke this? I have tried things like:

- OK Google, Cycle Main Scene

- OK Google, Tell AMX to Cycle Main Scene

- OK Google, Tell i3 to Cycle Main Scene

but none of these work. What form of command to Google Home should work?



Under review

Hello, now the button control can be implemented in the AMX module via relays.
The operation of the button with Gate will be implemented through macros within 3 days, allowing you to control the button in Google Home by activating the macro.
In the future, the button control will be implemented without the use of a macro.

Can you point me any examples? You're not suggesting that the AMX server itself needs to be modified to support Google Home, right? I can wait 3 days for the macros modification rather than using relays but an example would be still helpful as I am not very familiar with macros. This AMX project was automatically generated from iRidium 2.x with no modifications and works great in 3.0 server. Let's say I have a button on port 24, channel 49. It would be helpful to have a description of how to invoke that from the Gate for Google Home and AMX modules.

Note that I can't even verify that Google Home knows about the iRidium gate but that is another issue that I will open.


How Gate for Google Home works:
1. Upload a project with your devices onto iRidium cloud (if you already have your project on the cloud you can skip the step).
2. Go to http://www.iridiummobile.net/my-account/services/, authorize and select your project. You will need the secret key to setup Google Home module.
3. Add the "Gate for Google Home" module to the project. Module automatically receives the secret key.
4. Select "Gate for Google Home" device in configurator, open settings for the device (gear icon on top right) and select components of the project that you want to control with Google Home. By default you have all devices in project selected.
4. Upload the project to iRidium server.
5. Go to home control section in Google Home app and select "i3 Control" in device list (on the step you need to have Google Home app installed and configured).
6. Authorize, select the project and press the "Link project" button.
7. Devices are ready and can be controlled with Google Home.
To control a device with Google Home use the device name from i3 lite app. Names also can be changed in Google Home app

To create a macro:
1. go to the macros tab

2. To add a macro, click on the plus button (you can also press "create a macro")

3. Enter the name of the macro and click OK.

4. In the appeared window in the submenu "DO" click "Add action" to add an action for the device

5. In the next window, select the type "Device"

6. We choose the device we need (in our case, for example, a relay is taken)

7. In the window that opens, select the action that will occur when the macro is activated.

To add a macro to Gate:
1. Go to the module, click the gear button

2. In the "Settings" menu that opens, select "Macros"

3. In the window that opens, check the required macro and click "Done"

4. To make changes, the project must be published to the server.