Verifying Google Home is properly linked

Ron Verstappen 6 years ago in Bugs and problems updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 2

Can you explain how you verify that the accounts for Gate for Google Home and the Google Home are properly linked? Going through all the steps, it all seems to be successful but afterwards there is no indication in Google Home that it knows anything about i3.

Other vendors' interfaces (e.g., Lutron Connect) show that the accounts are connected from within the Google Home app. 

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Hello, to see what Google Home is related to Gate you need:

1. In the Assistant application, go to the settings menu

2. On the "Home control" tab

3. In this window you can see that the application is connected to "i3 Control" and you can also see the list of devices managed in the project with Google Home

To verify the correctness of the connected account, you need to log off to "i3 Control", when you log in, it specifies the share used to connect to Google Home.