i3lite App does not run continuously in background

Govinda Raja 6 years ago in Bugs and problems updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 6 years ago 3

Why does the i3lite app not run continuously in the background?

When I want to open the door or turn on a switch, I realize the app takes a lot of time to load.

Ideally once signed in and started, why does the app close on its own? Why cannot the app be kept running continuously in the background so that we do not have to wait for the app to load to use it.



Unfortunately, iOS (and newer versions of Android) does not allow applications to run completely in the background ((

We are developing a quick launch mode for visualization, but this can be accelerated only if there is a server
(because then there will be a connection only to the server, not all drivers).

We are also working to accelerate the launch of the modules themselves: this is a gradual optimization, unfortunately, there is no quick ideal solution in this.


Since i3lite has SIP integration module, I was hoping that the IOS background fetch option can be used to keep the app running in the background continuously


"Always try to avoid doing any background work unless doing so improves the overall user experience. An app might move to the background because the user launched a different app or because the user locked the device and is not using it right now. In both situations, the user is signaling that your app does not need to be doing any meaningful work right now. Continuing to run in such conditions will only drain the device’s battery and might lead the user to force quit your app altogether. So be mindful about the work you do in the background and avoid it when you can"

This means that Apple does not approve (prohibits release) of applications that consume the resource. The exception list is very small ...