Good (working) example for controlling RGBW (including visualize feedback)

Theo Derks - NL (distributor) 6 лет назад в Tips and Tricks обновлен Iain Brew 5 лет назад 2


RGBW is more and more popular. We need a good example how to control RGB+W to (for example) KNX. Including the possibility to visualize the selected (active) color (RGB + W) into (for example) a button or picture.

Can you create such an example, or update one of the existing examples? Including some documentation in the used Javascript, so installers undestand what is done in JS?



I have been using inexpensive WIFI controllers with RGB strips and integrating with iRidium through a custom driver. I have setup presets for the colours I need and then just recall them via TCP. If you want more information I could put together a tutorial or send you the information. 

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