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can you store a list on the iridium server that the clients can access?

Jack Mutsers 6 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 6 years ago 3

im making a messaging system and i was wondering if i could store the messages on the server because whenever i reopen the client the messages are gone.

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You can save history in SQLite.

btw is there a way to check if a keyboard button has been pressed? in the messaging system im trying to make you need to be able to use the enter key to start writing on a new line, so i need to check if the button has been pressed and of so i than i can add the \n in the code. Because if the text is too long it will not show it all on the textbar.

To track clicks on the item you can use:



This can be used with Virtual key, i.e. create a keyboard in the panel project iRidium.