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iRidium is still on top, while Always on top is disabled

Wouter van der Post 6 years ago in Bugs and problems updated by Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 5 years ago 10

Version: 1.2.12

Client: Windows


I want to display a video on top of iRidium. Since iRidium doesn't support video files, I had to use VLC to play a video.

I've created a command line call to open VLC:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" -I dummy --width=512 --height=288 --video-x=1300 --video-y=700 --no-video-deco --no-embedded-video --no-loop --play-and-exit --video-on-top C:\video.mp4

A button in the project opens this command and the video is played.

But when I set iRidium to Full screen, the video is played on the background. Even when "Always on top" is disabled in iRidium.

Next I tried setting iRidium to run without a frame (so not fullscreen) and position it at X:0 Y:0. Still the video is played in the background, even when "Always on top" is disabled.

What can I do to make this work?

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In full screen i3 pro captures the screen. You can set up broadcasting from your server with video archives and receive video stream in i3 pro.

But when i3 is not in full screen, it also doesn't work... 


i3 pro is the control panel. It is not designed to play video files. If you started from I3 pro external application, it works by itself, it can not be controlled from iRidium.

I honestly don't understand what you mean with this answer.

I'm not using i3 Pro to play video, I call another application to play the video. I am not using i3 Pro to control an external application, the question was never about controlling an external application. The question is about i3 Pro being on top of all other windows/applications even though it's not running full screen and the "Always on top" option is disabled.

In our conditions your problem is not reproduced. Or we don't understand you. Make a video of what you have going on after the start of i3 pro and attach your project.

Specify the operating system to use.

Specify the configuration of the computer on which i3 pro starts.

Hello, is your problem still unresolved?

I had to find a workaround (as with many i3 issues) to make this work because we needed the functionality for an exhibition.

But given the answer of Vladimir below I don't think you understand what the problem is. To be completely honest, I don't understand how the given answer relates to the question Mantas asks. 


I don't know about author, but I have similar problem: if my application is fullscreen (windows) and I use IR.Execute command to open a website, it opens up, but the application stays on top and I have to close it or minimise it to be able to access the website. I need that when I open website it would go over application and if I close it it goes back to iRidium.


If you call a web link from i3 pro, the web page will be opened by the web browser engine.

i3 pro has no web content controls. This means that in order to close the web page, you need to close i3 pro. In the future, web content processing and control buttons may be added. Now working with the web is more for internal functions (opening web content from our sites).


If the external application is called in i3 pro, it is displayed according to the render used. I3 pro itself is not and should not be related to the display of an external application. We remind you that i3 pro is a control panel. It is not designed to run external applications, although it can do so. The default is OpenGL. If you need to display an external application on top of i3 pro on Windows, use DirectX 11 instead of OpenGL.