Alexa Gate active words

Adir Peleg 5 years ago in Modules updated 5 years ago 7

I use HDL with alexa gate

For Light and AC i use "tune on" \ "turn off" 

For AC Fan Speed - what words should i say ?

For AC Mode change - what words should i say ?

For Global Cache Macros - Turn On \ Turn OFF work :), but  "active macro" doesn't work (For use with macros name "TV OFF, Room AV OFF"). if i want to use "tv off "macro i have to say "Turn ON TV OFF" whice is a problam.


Adir Peleg

To control AC Fan Speed and AC Mode change, use macros in the i3 lite application.
To activate macros or scenes in Amazon, use the "turn on" command, which we cannot change.

Thx for the quick replay.

To control AC fan Speed or AC mode with macros i'll have to use active words "turn on" and then the macro name "ac fan speed low"

yes ?


For now better use Google home and "Set" Command.

Google home active words same issue . Or different ?

To activate macros in Google home, you can also use: "set [macros name]".