iriduim file size needs to be reduced.

Zohaib Hussain 5 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated 5 years ago 8

Iriduim client file contains lot of pages and pop-up which makes the file more big and its very hard to transfer and upload it on the cloud because of the file size anything can be done in this case to make the file more small???


great job from iridium.

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How big is your project ???

1. Check that there are no unnecessary pictures in the gallery.

2. Think about the division of the project into several parts (for example, for the owner of the house, for children) ... Split by use model.

its 418 MB and this project is for the office not for the house.

It is not so big project ))

Check images in this project, maybe you have a lot unused pictures

actually we have been using lot of small and big images in our project so I cannot take risk of deleting anyimages so don't you have any other solution like compressing the big files to small ?


This tool does not compress the project, but removes unused instances of images. Try to make a copy of the project and use this tool - what result will you get? A project is a set of files: textual for all elements, images and scripts. Usually, images occupy the most space, with them and it makes sense to work - there cannot be magic tools in principle )))

please check once I uploading my projectand server files on iridium cloud server file takes few seconds but the client takes around 2-3 hours to upload ?

There are no pictures in the server project, so it loads quickly enough!

yes I removed the unused images it reduced the file size to 17 MB only and its perfect as you said great job as usual from iridium.sir I have raised on more query regarding running of KNX scenarios from iridium.