Getting Text property of a selected list item.

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I am trying to get the Text attribute from a list item,

The list items are added using user input, the user input gets put in the list as subitem '2' and is named 'Name'.

I am facing the problem that i cannot acces the list subitem Text aka the user input.

I however cannot send the user input using functions because i am using the list as a dynamic list.

I hope i gave enough information for my problem and i hope to see a reaction if anyone has a solution.

Thanks in advance


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Can you attach your test project?


the structure may be a little messy.

the problem lays within the pages:Rooms, Lighting.

and scripts: RoomItems, SaveRooms.

I will be happy to explain my way of thinking troughout the programming if it will help you understand what i am trying to do.

Thanks for the fast response



You can get Text from a list item by using the GetItemByIndex() method. Example in the attached project.


Thanks for your help