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MQTT Driver - Client ID

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Is there any way to create mqtt client id for every iridium client automatically? Now I have to create different iridium clients for every phones, because mqtt disconnects if there is same client id's connected (mqtt client collision).

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Do you mean Client ID? The MQTT driver has such a field and you can set it yourself.

Yes, but is it possible to set mqqt client id automatically? If there is client connecting with same id, there is client id collision and i3-clients are disconnected.

IR.GetDevice('MQTT').SetParameters({Host: "",

Port: 1883,

MQTTVersion: "4",

ClientID: "client1",

KeepAlive: 20,

Clean: true,

Login: "admin",

Password: "admin"});

Hi! Thanks for that.

How we could use device mac-address or something like that(?) so clientid depents on phone macaddress or something like that? Any suggestions?

You can extract a unique network client settings method GetCurrentLocalIPInfo. Then you can use the NETBIOS name or IP address. The MAC address is also possible, but not for IOS clients.