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Mike Slattery 5 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 years ago 5

Finally a JavaScript editor that will check your code. The new Visual Studio 2019 will check for errors in you code and mark them red. It has always been a pain looking for vars not defined or defined multiple times and ";" and breaks not used. It will mark all the "==' and claim you should use "===". Just ignore these. 

Waiting for reply

Hi, Mike

What is this information? What kind of code tests?


With JavaScript there is nothing that checks your code to make certain you do not have multiple variables defined, missing breaks, bad syntax or missing ";".  By using Visual Studio 2019 it will show you errors while you are typing. This helps a lot and I use it to first write my code and then add it to iRidium. I think others might like to know to help them with their code. 


Would it be posible to make an extension with the full command list for VS(Code). To make intellisense working in a visual studio enviroment?


Hello. We do not have such plans, maybe one of the installers has such a file and will share it here.