Keep log window open with on EXIT EVENT

Kenny Stoepel 5 лет назад в Tips and Tricks обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 5 лет назад 3

I'm using some js code to run IR.EVENT_EXIT. all is working well except that debugging my code is very hard to debug because closing the emulator also closes to Logging window immediatly. 

Is there any workaround that the log window could stay open when closing the emulator?

Oke thx for the quick feedback. Any way that you guys could add a simple checkbox in the options menu to keep the log open on emulator closing for future versions? Seems like a small fix .


Sorry, but this is not a small fix at all, because you give the command to close the application, but the "little checkbox" will not allow it to be done and this can lead to very incomprehensible situations in use when the program is no longer visible, but it is still running.

There are third-party logging systems that provide a solution to your question in a more convenient and reliable format.

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