Incoming TCP message

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Has someone of you some experience with incoming TCP messages?
I have an TCP trigger in an Axis camera to the IP-address from the iRidium server. I have used port 8888 to send the message.

In the server I have added an TCP device with the IP-address from the Axis camera on port 20.

For testing I have added an script:

var driver = IR.GetDevice("Axis M1065-LW");
IR.AddListener(IR.EVENT_RECEIVE_DATA, driver, function(text) {
var strings = text.split('\r\n');
var string;



When I trigger the alarm, I don't see any message incoming.

How can I see the message? What do I miss?

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TCP port 8888 is already used by a web server in iRidium. Use a different port for sending.


Which port can I use? Because when I use some other ports (80, 1234,etc.) , I got this message:

Connection failed, can't connect to remote host (192.168...): Connection refused

When I use 8888, I got the message: Connection successfull


If you want to send a message to the iRidium Server from the panel, use the iRidium Server driver in the panel project (TCP port 30464 by default). If you need to send a message to the iRidium Server from a third-party application (not i3 pro), it is easier in the server project to create a TCP server script on any free port and send messages to it.


Thanks, this works:-)