I3Lite and Doorbird

Knut Harboe 5 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Dmitriy Shilyaev 5 years ago 3


Can Doorbird work without SIP server in i3Lite??



Doorbird devices do not have a built-in SIP server, so if you add only the device itself without entering SIP server data, you can only see the video stream and open the doors.


But when I try to add the module, I cannot save the configuration without entering the SIP details.

Can you fix this? (So that I only have to enter the IP address of the Doorbird and username and password).


This contradicts the use of intercom modules - how can you understand that a call is ringing on the intercom?

If you need to display only the video stream, then you can use the Camera Wizard module.

Also, to use the module without SIP, you can enter dummy data and add the module to the project.