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Get the email of the panel user

Christophe MATHEY 3 года назад в Ideas обновлен 3 года назад 4

Hi Iridium,

It would be interesting to get the email of the panel or phone user.

In fact, by knowing the email user we could be specified the visualisation of each user.

I look for to sell a solution for city and use the iridium visualization to give some specific right as following the user ( or the email used to ddownload the viualisation project) ....

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IRidium has a mechanism for inviting end users. For the invitation, e-mail is used. Only those projects for which you invited him will be available to the end user:


If you had in mind something else, then describe in more detail.

Hello Tatiana,

I know this possibility which the visualisation project can be specified for each user.

Concerning my request, it is to use the email login of panel user into script program.

In order to give specific right by analyzing some daily data for example...

In fact, I want to deliver autorisation to open a door in function of specific schedule for each user ....

I look for to sell solution to the staff of city hall....

I hope my description is sufficiently clear according my English competence...

Best regards.

Thank you Andrey.

I'm going to test it...

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