Satel Integra driver

Ferry 4 years ago in Modules updated 4 years ago 2

To my great joy, the Satel driver has been added. This driver alone does not have the option to add a fixed feedback or commands.

Is there a possibility to add this so that I can use the driver in my own Gui?

The principle of work in this project is as follows: the parent object ‘satel’ is created, its task is to send the necessary commands to the device and receive answers. This object has methods for adding widgets:

satel.addBSensor (name, id, type) - binary sensor
satel.addButton (name, id, type) - button
satel.addSecurity (name, id, mode, btnNames) - protection
satel.addRelay (name, id) - switch
addTSensor (name, id) - temperature sensor 

Depending on the number of widgets, the update time of each sensor may increase, because restriction on sending is added, without it the device may not have time to respond to all requests.

When adding a sensor, it adds the necessary command to the satel object to poll the device. After that, satel will regularly send this command, and record the response inside itself. The sensor checks once a second whether the data has changed. If you need to get feedback from the sensor (we’ve added feedback for binary sensors and temperature sensors for example).

Sending feedback from a binary sensor

Sending feedback with a temperature sensor.

You can track feedback changes by adding a Listener script with the EVENT_TAG_CHANGE event and a pointer to the device in the script. In our example, this Listener is added in the GUI module and simply displays the feedback name and its value.

To add widgets and save them, you can create them in a script in the GUI module. There are examples of each widget, you can uncomment them and see how it works


Thank you for your explanation. I'm going to give it a try.