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i3 Pro app android slow at reloading after sleep/stand by

Richard t Lam 4 года назад в Tips and Tricks обновлен Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 4 года назад 7

I have a problem with running i3 Pro on a Touchscreen. 

The touchscreen is running android 6.0.1. iI has 1 GB ram. and a Rockchip RK3288 Quad-Core CPU 1,6GHz processor.

When the touchscreen goes into sleep/stand by mode, the screens turns black after 1 minute. The i3 Pro app takes 10 seconds to reload the project. The blue loading screen appears and then the project start. 

But this not usefull because, when you touch the screen you want the project reload directly without delay.

Is there a solution for this?

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Let us know the full name of your device. Please specify whether Kiosk Mode is used or whether I3 pro is used manually. Is loading after waking up observed with all projects or only one?

Try starting i3 pro without Kiosk Mode. Check your Android settings to make sure that apps that have moved to the background are not terminated.

I installed the i3 Pro app from the play store. Now it is working properly. The kiosmode from i3 Pro was causing the issue.

This means that your Android forcibly terminates i3 pro in Kiosk Mode. The system may not have enough memory or the Kiosk is configured this way.

Ok, thank you for the help.

The problem is solved.

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