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I'm adding timed events based on the local daylight times to a project, with the ability to use an offset for these events.

Reading through some similar topics, I have found that you do not natively support this, so I have added this functionality through scripts in the following way:

To get the sunset time in the scripts:

  • Created a schedule, 'Sunset' that begins at sunset and ends at sunrise, repeating every day.
  • Created a routine, 'Sunset'... WHEN 'Sunset' starts, THEN send_tag (System.Date.Day -> Sunset_Alert)
  • This channel has a script modifier that sets a tag with the current time when called

The same was done to get sunrise time.

I have left this running over the weekend to populate the server tags with the current sunset and sunrise times before I implement the timed events functionality.

The sunrise tag has correct values, while the sunset tag is still blank.

Looking at the server logs, I've noticed the following

  • I see the following each time it is sunrise, which correctly sets the sunrise time
    • [08-03-2020 06:07:00.002] INFO State of event 'Sunrise' has been changed to start
      [08-03-2020 06:07:00.002] INFO SCRIPT Sunrise set to 6:07
      [08-03-2020 06:07:00.002] INFO Routine 'Sunrise' has been activated
      [08-03-2020 06:07:00.002] INFO State of event 'Sunset' has been changed to finish
  • I do not see any other mention of 'Sunset' in the logs.

I have tested changing the channel 'Sunset_Alert' from the web interface - the script modifier is correctly called.

Below is the schedule and event for Sunset that I have, can you see any reason why this may not be working?

Image 38723

Image 38725

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If you specify the beginning of sunset and the end of sunrise, then you need to specify the day for both. If you specified a day only for sunset, the server considers that both sunset and sunrise are in the same day. However, in one day, the sunset can not be before sunrise. Specify a day for each of them.

That makes sense - Thank you