Feedback On Server is set to False but Read On Start can set to True?

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I just found that I can set Feedback "On server" to "False"

while "Read On Start" set to "True"

So when server restart this Feedback will send READ request to KNX

but IR will not use it at all

it this expect behavior or it is a bug? 

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Under review


On Server = False means that the feedback will not be used on the server. This parameter is equivalent to deleting the server feedback in the old Studio.


But if "Read On Start" set to "True" IR Server still send ReadRequest to KNX Bus 

even if  On Server = False

This is how it should be. The poll is performed by the driver, but the result is no longer included in the server feedback. The driver feedback can only be deleted with the driver, and the server feedback can be deleted without deleting the driver.