button ON on certain value

Wouter Pattyn 4 years ago in Tips and Tricks updated by Tatiana Kiselyova (expert) 4 years ago 1


What way is the best to make a button go in the ON state at a certain number and only at that number? This without using JS?

For example: I have a button with a relation where it reads in the value from a scene of a light. And i want that the button is in the ON state when the value is 13. With any other value the button needs to be in the OFF state.

At the moment i'm doing ith by writing the value in the value of the button, i change the button in a trigger button and change both values to the number it needs to be ON at. And i choose for feedback the invert channel. This seems to work but i don't even understand why it works.

So is there any better way to do this?

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You have implemented your task correctly. If you do not want to use scripts, then besides Trigger Buttons, you can also use Multistate Level with the same states, except for the one that corresponds to the value you need. Your solution with a trigger is better and easier to implement