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Iridium server NOT starting

HerrGenius 3 года назад в Bugs and problems обновлен Vladimir Ovchinnikov (expert) 3 года назад 9

Dear all, 

During the installation of Iridium Mobile server on my raspberry PI i received following errors when I try to run the script "iridium": ERROR    CORE          project file does not exist. 

Image 43340

This file above comes from the logging directory. Anybody any ideas how to solve this issue? 

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After installing the server on Raspberry, it starts automatically. It doesn't need to be started forcibly. In your case, the server has already started without a project. You need to log in via the web interface and upload the project.


Thank you for your fast respons. This I pull as a screenshot: 

But, when I type the IP - address in my webbrowser, it says there is no webserver running. 

Run the command:

netstat -anp | grep LISTEN

Show the result.


I see port 8443 and 8888 are open. You are correct, whenever I put IP in the browser WITH the port behind it, the webserver responds with a login page. 

I tried to login with my credentials that I use here. The server doesn't give me a respons. Also on this forum, everytime I try to login I need to reset my credentials. Is this normal?  


You need to log in under your integrator account. For authorization, the server must have access to the host iridi.com. Check the availability of this host from the server.


I ping "iridi.com" from my server and everything arrived. So, this should be OK. Only, where do I make an "integrator account"?  

Do you have an integrator's email address registered on our website? If there is, go to the web interface and enter your username and password. Do you display the web interface?


Where can I make an integrator's email and/or website? Yes, I use the web interface display. 


You need to register as an integrator here. Then to get the approval. After that, log in to the web interface of your iridium server with the integrator's account.

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