Please implement a better search function for the forums

Dennis Piet 3 years ago in Bugs and problems updated by Aleksandr Romanov (CTO) 3 years ago 8

There is a lot of information buried in this support forum. But I'm having a hard time finding all of it.

At first I did not understand why Google could find the information I needed, but I could not find it myself with the search function.  But now, I know you have to manually go to every single sub-forum (all 9 of them) to search inside it.

Can you please change the search function so I have the option to search information in all forums?



Thank you, we will convey this wish to the developer of the platform we use. Unfortunately, we can't finalize this on our own.

I think Userecho had already implemented this, but for some reason it is not working on support.iridiummobile.net

Just to test this, I signed up for a test account: https://dennispiet.userecho.com/

When I search that from the start page, it gives me search results in all Knowledgebases, all Forums and all tickets. You can try it yourself.

Why was my last post in this topic removed ?????

I wrote that I signed up for a test-account at Userecho, to find out that they already have the global search function implemented.   See a screenshot of dennispiet.userecho.com

So, can you please make this work at the Iridium support forum too?

Waiting for user's reply

Hello Dennis

Your post was not deleted, it was under moderation.

I don't quite understand your search query. You created one forum and conducted a search in it, but this works great for us, or does it not?

Give an example, what do you want to find on our forum, but it does not show the result?

Hi Aleksandr,

Ah, now I see what happened: because I wrote an email to support with my personal email-adres, I guess automatically a new account was created for me. And when I click the "open comment" link in the reply-mai, I was automatically logged in with that new account.  So then I could not see the post that was "on moderation" anymore.

No, the search does not work great for the Iridium Support forums.

Example: when go to support.iridiummobile.net and I search for "Onvif", I get : No similar topics found.

But if I go to the Russian forum, I get 2 results

And if I go to the Archive, I get 1 result

See screenshots below.

I expect to see all search results in all forums and knowledgebases when searching from the main page.

Vladimir wrote he would ask the developer (= UserEcho) about this. But to show you this function is already implemented in the forum-software, I started the testforum at dennispiet.userecho.com

On there I made 2 knowledgebases and 3 forums.  When I do a global search "test", I get results from 3 forums and 2 knowledgebases.

Yes, now it's clearer.

We have deliberately divided the forums by product and language. It was a big problem (and there were complaints from users) when I look for information on the i3pro product (for example, information about ONVIF cameras), and they show me a selection on i3ite or on an outdated i2control platform. Therefore, we made the search independent, and it only works within the forum in which you are located.

How would you recommend changing this to keep the search relevant to the product?

Dividing by product is fine, but in that case you should keep the language-forums and archive together with the main product forum as sub-forums or categories. 

Another simpler option: just make available the global search as a separate "advanced search" or something like that, so people can choose to search all, or maybe even have an option to choose which forums to search.


It is about this that we formulated a request to the developers, how we can provide a detailed filter for visitors (there is no such module now).

The language division also turned out to be very important for our clients (we received complaints from local markets), there used to be one forum, but with different topics, and this turned out to be very inconvenient.

As you can see, we came to this situation in a completely deliberate way and now the issue of convenience can be solved only by changing the tool or in the hope that the third-party platform will continue to develop.