KNX Import from ETS

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KNX Import from ETS

Type: Scanner

Developer: iRidium mobile

Manufacturer: KNX

The scanner allows to import JSON file with the driver configuration to the project. You can set up modules for KNX controllers with the help of the datapoints from the imported JSON file. After the setting up the modules can be added in projects.

Instructions for importing projects from ETS:

  1. Set up the ETS project
  2. Export the ETS file
  3. Import the ETS file in iRidium Studio
  4. Save the received KNX driver in the JSON file
  5. Launch of the KNX Import module
  6. Go to the address indicated in the launched KNX Import module
  7. Download the JSON file with the driver configuration in the opened web-interface
  8. Click Next in the widget interface
  9. Indicate the device IP-address (if it was not indicated in iRidium Studio before importing in the JSON file)
  10. Indicate the number and types of required modules
  11. Fill in settings of the selected modules

Available KNX modules:

Supported controllers: KNX Router, KNX BAOS 770/771/772/777.