Server network interface dynamic allocation

andrey senik 8 years ago in Server Solutions / Windows Server updated 8 years ago 1

HI Communiti,

We are using server on win pc, where eth for control and wi-fi (to ISP) are used.

Server keeps conection to equipment with few instances of same custom AV driver.

All works fine if at server start up, and all phisical equipmet is online.

We got a problem if equipment at starting of server is not online, then after equipment goes online server still can't reach it. Wireshark shows server is not communicating euipment at least over ethernet intreface (wi-fi was not checked), while server log shows AV.send is called.

All look fine is wi-fi is disabled at server start up. So I suspect all problems comes from dinamic network interface engagement.

Can anybody comment on server multi network interface operation?

Can server be manually configured to stick to certain network interface?

Apreciate for any feedback


It appears as iridium server may stick to improper network interface when network changes (in my case target TCP device restart). After resuming of TCP device iridium server switched to other nework interface, preventing TCP datagrams to reach target device.

In TCP driver, when communoication lost I used reset TCP driver to reinitialize its network connectivity.

JS code: