TPDesign5 & G5 panels

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When iRidium plan to implement TPDesign5 - new TP5 format and support G5 pannels please?

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We start to test beta version of Studio with converting from TP5 (without Transfer for now)

Do you want to participate in test?

I have no resources for testing.

What is the time-schedule for completing the full support TP5 and G5 pannels?

What do you mean "full support"?

It means working import TP5 projects into iRidium as now TP4.

We will release it, when we get any feedback from testers.

For test, you should replace Convert.dll in Folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\iRidium Ltd\iRidium Pro" and open TP5 projects in iRidium Studio.


hi Oksana

I have the resources to test the TP5

you marked this thread completed does this means i3Pro supports TP5 ?

In the new iRidium version you are able to convert TP5 files, please download Setup file from the web site

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